Setting up


In order to build Portal SDK applications on your machine, you’ll need to install the following:

  1. OpenJDK 8
  2. Maven
  3. MariaDB (v10.1)
  4. Apache Tomcat (v8.5)

Cloning the Portal SDK repository

Clone the Portal SDK repository with git:

git clone

Building the base

Now, we’ll build the base with maven:

cd sdk/ecomp-sdk
mvn install

Setting up the MariaDB database

Adding support for lowercase table names

To add support for lowercase table names, make sure the following line in your /etc/mysql/my.cnf file is present under the [mysqld] section:

lower_case_table_names = 1

If you made changes, you’ll need to restart your MariaDB instance. Hint:

sudo systemctl restart mariadb.service

Database setup

Now, we set up the database and user privileges. Log into your MariaDB instance as the ‘root’ user and do the following:

drop database if exists ecomp_sdk;
drop user if exists 'ecomp_sdk_user'@'localhost';

create database ecomp_sdk;
create user 'ecomp_sdk_user'@'localhost' identified by 'password';
grant all privileges on ecomp_sdk.* to 'ecomp_sdk_user'@'localhost';

Adding tables

Next, we need to run several SQL statements in the repository:

mysql -proot -uroot < sdk/ecomp-sdk/epsdk-app-common/db-scripts/EcompSdkDDLMySql_2_4_Common.sql
mysql -proot -uroot < sdk/ecomp-sdk/epsdk-app-common/db-scripts/EcompSdkDMLMySql_2_4_Common.sql
mysql -proot -uroot < sdk/ecomp-sdk/epsdk-app-os/db-scripts/EcompSdkDDLMySql_2_4_OS.sql
mysql -proot -uroot < sdk/ecomp-sdk/epsdk-app-os/db-scripts/EcompSdkDMLMySql_2_4_OS.sql

Using ‘root’ for both your MySQL username and password is just about the worst security policy imaginable. For anything other than temporary setups (very temporary), please choose reasonable user names and hard-to-guess passwords.

Your project directory

Because you’ll want your project to use the latest portal SDK code (retrieved via git pull), you work directly in sdk/ecomp_sdk/epsdk-app-os.

Connecting your app to the backend database

We need to tell our app how to access the database tables we created above. Open sdk/ecomp-sdk/epsdk-app-os/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/conf/ and change the following two lines to reflect the database user you set up above as well as your particular installation of MariaDB:

db.connectionURL = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/ecomp_sdk
db.userName = ecomp_sdk_user
db.password = password

Building your app

When you want to build your app:

# First cd to the project directory
cd sdk/ecomp_sdk/epsdk-app-os
mvn clean package


You don’t always have to clean. Only use it when you want to clear out intermediate objects and build your entire project from scratch.

Installing your app

To install your app, run the following commands, or better, create a script:

# Shutdown tomcat
<tomcat install>/bin/
rm -rf <tomcat install>/webapps/epsdk-app-os*
cp target/epsdk-app-os.war <tomcat install>/webapps/.
# Start tomcat
<tomcat install>/bin/

Viewing your app

Assuming you have installed Tomcat locally, for example in a vagrant VM with port forwarding, you can access the app in your normal browser:


To log in, use user/password ‘demo/demo’.