Known Issues

Virtualbox guest additions conflict with shared directories

If the vagrant-vbguest plugin is installed on the host, then an updated version of the Virtualbox guest additions will be installed on the guest in the /opt directory. Once this projects Vagrantfile mounts the ./opt directory on the host to the /opt directory on the guest during the provisioning process, the guest additions on the guest are hidden and subsequent mounts of shared directories with the host will fail.

The simplest workaround appears to be uninstalling the vagrant-vbguest plugin on the host system. This has been observed to work on a Windows 10 host using virtualbox 5.1.26.

Check if vagrant-vbguest plugin is installed

  • Linux or Mac
$ vagrant plugin list
  • Windows
C:\> vagrant plugin list

Remove vagrant-vbguest plugin

  • Linux or Mac
$ vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-vbguest
  • Windows
C:\> vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-vbguest

Network configuration in Windows

Some Virtual Machines present a problem in their network configuration so to make sure the install will work as it should install the virtualbox from the cmd window with the following command:

c:\downloads\VirtualBox-5.1.20-114628-Win.exe -msiparams NETWORKTYPE=NDIS5