5G - Real Time PM and High Stream Data Collection

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The Real-Time Performance Measurements support allows for a PNF to send streaming performance measurements to ONAP. It develops the capability for the PNF/VNF to send a subset of the typical performance measurement data to ONAP. The data can be sent to ONAP more rapidly than for bulk PM, on the order of seconds. This is valuable to the service provider and operators to debug problems and assess the impact of configuration changes. It uses an VES event driven system for high volume data delivery from xNF to ONAP/DCAE. A new VES-HV (High Volume) Collector supports GPB over TLS/TCP. The xNF generates hvMeas events containing real time PM data. These events will be GPB encoded and transmitted over TLS/TCP. Collected events are published to DMaaP and sent directly to the Kafka Cluster (bypassing the DMaaP-MR layer).

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How to verify

Follow instructions in the links below to send data to HV-VES collector and verify messages published on Kafka topic: