Compiling BBS-EP

BBS-ep is a sub-project of dcaegen2/services (inside components directory). To build just the BBS-ep component, run the following maven command from within components/bbs-event-processor directory mvn clean install

API Endpoints

Running with dev-mode of BBS-EP
  • Heartbeat: GET http://<container_address>:8100/heartbeat
  • Start Polling for events: POST http://<container_address>:8100/start-tasks
  • Stop Polling for events: POST http://<container_address>:8100/cancel-tasks
  • Execute just one polling for PNF re-registration internal events: POST http://<container_address>:8100/poll-reregistration-events
  • Execute just one polling for CPE authentication events: POST http://<container_address>:8100/poll-cpe-authentication-events
  • Change application logging level: POST http://<container_address>:8100/logging/{level}

More detailed API specifications can be found in ../../apis/swagger-bbs-event-processor.

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