Configuration Quick Reference

Default Values

The component developer can provide default values for any parameter in the component specification. These defaults will be passed to the component in its generated configuration.

Overridden/Entered Values

Depending on the other properties set for the parameter, the default value can be overridden at ‘design-time’, ‘deploy-time’ or once the microservice is running (‘run-time’). (In the future, when Policy is supported, configuration will also be able to be provided/changed in the Policy UI at any time).

  Design-Time Input CLAMP Input Policy Input (future) Deploy-Time Input
Description Applies to SDC self-service components Applies to components deployed by CLAMP (not yet supported) Applies to manually deployed services
Input provided by Service Design er CLAMP Operations DevOps
How it is provided In the SDC UI In the CLAMP UI In the POLICY GUI In the DCAE Dashboard (or Jenkins job)
Component Specification Details ‘designer-editable’ set to ‘true’ None. Developer provides CLAMP an email with parameters to be supported ‘policy_editable’ must be set to ‘true’ and ‘policy_schema’ must be provided ‘sourced_at_deployment’ must be set to ‘true’
Additional Info for Component Developer     For Docker only: In the auxiliary section: {“policy”: {“trigger_type”: “policy”,“script_path”: “/opt/app/ ”} } Script interface would then be “/opt/app/ ” $trigger_type $updated_policy” where $updated_policy is json provided by the Policy Handler.