Abbreviation Description
AAF Application Authorization Framework
A&AI Active & Available Inventory _
AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting _
AID Architecture Integration Document
APPC Application Controller
BPEL Business Process Execution Language
BPMN Business Process Model and Notation or Business Process Management Notation
BRMS Business Rules Management System
BSS Business Support System
CCSDK Common Controller SDK project
CDAP Cask Data Application Platform
CDS Controller Design Studio
CI/CD Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
CL Control Loop
CLAMP Closed Loop Automation Management Platform (project)
CLI Command Line Interface (project)
CMA Change Management Application (within ONAP)
CNF Cloud Native network Function.
COE Container Orchestration Engine
CPE Customer Premise Equipment
CSAR Cloud Service ARchive (link)
DAO Data Access Object
DCAE Data Collection Analytics & Events <https://w s/viewpage.action ?pageId=6592895> __
DDoS Distributed Denial-of-Service attack
DG Directed Graph
DG Builder Directed Graph Builder
DMaaP Data Movement as a Platform _
DME Direct Messaging Engine (common service within ONAP)
DNS Domain Name System
DPDK Data Plane Development Kit
EELF Event and Error-Logging Framework
EMS Element Management System
ESR `External System Register <https:/ / ges/viewpage.acti on?pageId=5734948 >`__
ETSI `European Telecommunication s Standards Institute <http:/ / hnologies-cluster s/technologies/68 9-network-functio ns-virtualisation >`__
EUAG ONAP End User Advisory Group
FCAPS Fault Configuration Accounting Performance Security
GBP Group-Based Policy
GNFC Genric Network Function Controller
GUI Graphical User Interface _
HAS `Homing and Allocation Service <https:// es/viewpage.actio n?pageId=16005528 >`__
HDFS Hadoop Distributed File System
HPA Hardware Platform Awareness
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protococol
HV VES High Volume Virtual function Event Stream <https://w lay/DW/High+Volum e+VES+Collector> __
IAM/IDAM Identity and Access Management
ICE Incubation and Certification Environment
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IKE Internet Key Exchange
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
IPSEC Internet Protocol Security
JAR Java Archive
JSC Java Service Container
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
LCM Life Cycle Management
LFN CVC Linux Foundation Networking Compliance/Verifi cation Committee
LFN CVP `Linux Foundation Networking Compliance/Verifi cation Program <https:// play/DW/LFN+CVC+T esting+in+VNFSDK> `__
LRM Local Resource Monitor
M0 Release Kick-off milestone. See also Release Lifecycle
M1 Release Planning milestone. See also Release Lifecycle
M2 Release Functionality Freeze milestone. See also Release Lifecycle
M3 Release API Freeze milestone. See also Release Lifecycle
M4 Release Code Freeze milestone. See also Release Lifecycle
MACD (Vendor specific) Move Add Change Delete/Disconnect
MANO MANagement and Organization of NFV
MD-SAL Model Driven Service Abstraction Layer
MR Message Router (a Common Service of ONAP)
MOP Method of Procedure
MOTS Mechanized Operations Tracking System
MSB Microservice Bus
MSO Master Service Orchestrator
MVP Minimum Viable Product
NAI Network Artificial Intelligence
NANCSP Network Cloud Service Provider
NBI North Bound Interface
NEP Network Equipment Provider
NETCONF Network Configuration Protocol
NFV Network Function Virtualization
NFVI `network functions virtualization infrastructure <h ttps://www.sdxcen nitions/nfv-mano/ >`__
NOD Network On Demand
NS Network Services
NS (Vendor Specific) New Start
OA&M Operations, Administration and Management
OMF Operational Management Framework (of ONAP)
OMSA ONAP Microservice Architecture
ONAP `Open Network Automation Platform <https:/ / ges/viewpage.acti on?pageId=1015843 >`__
OOF ONAP Optimization Framework
ODL OpenDaylight
OOM ONAP Operations Manager
OPNFV Open Platform for NFV Project
OSAM Open Source Access Manager
OSS Operations Support System
PAP Policy Administration Point (ONAP)
PCE Path Computation and Element (ONAP)
PCI Physical Cell ID
pCPE physical Customer Premise Equipment
PDP-x Policy Decision Point - XACML (ONAP)
PDP-d Policy Decision Point - Drools (ONAP)
PO Platform Orchestrator
PoC Proof of Concept
POMBA Post Orchestration Model Based Audit
PNDA Open source Platform for Network Data Analytics
PNF Physical Network Function
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RCT Reference Connection Tool
REST Representational State Transfer
RO Resource Orchestrator
RPC Remote Procedure Call
S3P Stability, Security, Scalability, Performance
SDC Service Design and Creation (component of ONAP for visual modeling and design)
SDN Software-defined networking
SDN-C `SDN-Controller < https://wiki.onap .org/display/DW/S DN+Controller+Dev elopment+Guide>`_ _
SDN-R `SDN-Radio <https :// display/DW/SDN-R> `__
SDN-GP Software Defined Network - Global Platform
SEBA SDN-Enabled Broadband Access, see also
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLI Service Logic Interpreter
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SO Service Orchestrator (project)
SOT Source Of Truth
SR-IOV `Single-Root Input/Output Virtualization <h ttps://en.wikiped e-root_input/outp ut_virtualization >`__
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SUPP (Vendor Specific) short for supplement, changing a connection before activation
Swagger legacy name for the OpenAPI Specification
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TEM Telecom Electronics Manufacturer
TLS Transport Layer Security
TOSCA Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications
TPS Transactions Per Second
TSC Technical Steering Committee
U-UI Usecase User Interface
UI User Interface
UX User Experience
vCE virtual CE (Customer Edge) router (an example VNF)
vCPE Virtual Customer Premise Equipment
vDNS Virtual Domain Name Server (an example VNF)
VDU Virtualisation Deployment Unit
VES Virtual function Event Stream
vF Virtual Firewall (an example VNF)
VF Virtual Function
VFC Virtual Function Controller
VFC Virtual Function Component (Resource Onboarding)
vfModule Virtual Function Module
VID Virtual Instantiation Deployment
VID `Virtual Infrastructure Deployment (Project) <https: // isplay/DW/Virtual +Infrastructure+D eployment+Project >`__
VIM Virtualized Infrastructure Manager
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VM Virtual Machine
VNF Virtual Network Function
VNFC Virtual Network Function Component
VNFD VNF Descriptor
VNFM VNF Manager
VNO Virtual Network Operator
vPE virtual PE (Provider Edge) router (an example of a VNF)
VPP Vector Packet Processing
VSP Vendor Software Product (from SDC Demo Guide)
VTP VNF Test Platform
VVP VNF Validation Program
WAR Web application Archive
YANG A Data Modeling Language for the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF)