Resource Definition


A Resource definition models the how a specific resource can be resolved.

A resource is a variable/parameter in the context of the service. It can be anything, but it should not be confused with SDC or Openstack resources.

A Resource definition can have multiple sources to handle resolution in different ways. The main goal of Resource definition is to define re-usable entity that could be shared.

Creation of Resource definition is a standalone activity, separated from the blueprint design.

As part of modelling a Resource definition entry, the following generic information should be provided:


Below are properties that all the resource source have will have

The modeling does allow for data translation between external capability and CDS for both input and output key mapping.



vf-module-model-customization-uuid and vf-module-label are two data dictionaries. A SQL table, VF_MODULE_MODEL, exist to correlate them.

Here is how input-key-mapping, output-key-mapping and key-dependencies can be used:

Resource source:

Defines the contract to resolve a resource.

A resource source is modeled, following TOSCA node type definition and derives from the Resource source.

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