Sparky - VNFs

VNFs Overview

VNFs is an aggregation-based view that provides aggregate counts of VNFs based off of provisioning status and orchestration status.

VNFs Features

With VNFs UI, users can:
  • Search for generic-vnfs by attribute value(s) specified in the search box using suggested search terms.
  • View search results aggregated to display:
    • A count of the total VNFs returned by the search
    • A count of the VNFs for each prov-status values.
  • Filter out data to reduce the amount of data displayed to the user. Users can filter data based on:
    • Orchestration status
    • Provisioning status
    • Network function type
    • Network function role

Using VNFs

VNFs is driven by using the search bar at the top of the UI to find and select aggregation queries. Once selected, the aggregation queries will be sent to the Sparky backend component for processing. When a result set has been determined VNFs will render the data - as below:

Note: The OXM schema defines the services and resources archetypes and mappings to Java types that are used by A&AI to define the REST endpoints for reading and manipulating the inventory data. The OXM file has been annotated with suggestible attributes. Sparky communicates with Synapse (data-router) to update ElasticSearch as entities are created/updated and deleted.

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