ONAP Portal

The ONAP Portal integrates different ONAP applications in one place. The Portal platform provides common management services and connectivity, while the applications run separately.

From the Portal, users access applications. Administrators onboard and manage applications and widgets, and manage user access.

The Portal SDK for application developers includes bundled tools, technologies, and built-in capabilities such as services, APIs, and UI controls. Existing applications can migrate to the Portal with the provided APIs and libraries. See Portal SDK.

Access the ONAP Portal

Access the ONAP Portal using a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The URL is dependent on a specific ONAP platform deployment.

From the Portal, users access applications directly or by function using the Manage menu.


Roles in the ONAP Portal

The Portal displays different menus for the following roles:

  • User
  • Portal Administrator
  • Application Administrator
  • Governor
  • Operator

Each application also defines a distinct set of user roles. See Users.