Governance Approval and Service Distribution

Each ONAP platform operator will have a specific set of policies and procedures for approving Services and deploying them in the operator’s ONAP environment. This outline describes the general flow of such procedures.

Goal: Add all information required to create, instantiate, and manage a service.

Tools: SDC

SDC user roles: Governor, Ops

Review a Service for Governance Approval

A member of the Governance Board performs a governance review of a certified service and its associated VFs, and then approves (or rejects) the artifacts for distribution.

Prerequisites: Service is tested.


  1. Sign in to SDC as a Governor.
  2. From the HOME page, click CATALOG and select a service that is ready for governance review.
  3. Review the service and its associated resources.
  4. To view deployment artifacts:
    1. Click Composition tab (left pane) and then click the Deployment Artifact icon (right pane) to see the list of artifacts.
    2. Click the download icon adjacent to an artifact to download and view it.
  5. When the review is complete, click:
    • Accept if the service passes the governance review. The service is marked Approved for Distribution.
    • Reject if the service fails the governance review. The service is marked Rejected for Distribution.

After a service receives governance approval, it moves into the Waiting to be Distributed section of the Operations Workspace (Ops role)

Request Service Distribution

Request service distribution to populate all appropriate ONAP components with the resources and artifacts ssociated with the service and its VFs.


A service has received governance approval and is available in the Waiting to be Distributed section of the SDC Operations Workspace (under the Ops Role). For more information, see Review a Service for Governance Approval.

The steps shown here are generic; each service provider has a different, specific set of instructions. Contact your site IT support for the particulars.


  1. Open at ticket request at your site
  3. Provide the following information in your request:
    • Environment
    • Name of service to be distributed
    • Version number
    • [Optional] Additional information or instructions (provide special instructions for the request)
    • Your user ID
    • [Optional] Alternate Contact user ID (provide an alternate contact if the primary contact is unavailable)

Distribute a Service

Prerequisites: The service is approved.


  1. Sign in to SDC as Ops.

  2. In the Active Projects pane (left pane) of the HOME page, select the W*aiting For Distribution* check box.

  3. Select a service that is ready for distribution.

  4. Review the version history to verify that the correct version is selected.

  5. In the header, click Distribute.

    The service moves from the Ready For Distribution folder to the Distributed Services folder.

  6. From the Workspace pane, click Distributed Services. All distributed services display.

  7. Select the service distributed in step 5 and click Monitor. The Distribution Report displays.

  8. In the Distribution Report, navigate to the Component ID for the service and click the adjacent down arrow. The report shows all components associated with the service and their distribution statuses, such as DOWNLOAD_OK.

  9. Review the status of each component.

Verify that the DCAE Blueprint is Deployed

The DCAE controller requires a blueprint (or guideline) to be available at the site on which the first VNF is deployed. This blueprint is a management workflow and configuration description for a given VNF, and it must be available after completing the service distribution process and before beginning the instantiation process.