Release Notes


  • This Release Notes must be updated each time the team decides to Release new artifacts.
  • The scope of this Release Notes is for this particular component. In other words, each ONAP component has its Release Notes.
  • This Release Notes is cumulative, the most recently Released artifact is made visible in the top of this Release Notes.
  • Except the date and the version number, all the other sections are optional but there must be at least one section describing the purpose of this new release.
  • This note must be removed after content has been added.

Version: x.y.z

Release Date:yyyy-mm-dd

New Features

One or two sentences explaining the purpose of this Release.

Bug Fixes
  • CIMAN-65 and a sentence explaining what this defect is addressing.
Known Issues
  • CIMAN-65 and two, three sentences. One sentences explaining what is the issue.

    Another sentence explaining the impact of the issue.

    And an optional sentence providing a workaround.

Security Notes

Fixed Security Issues

List of security issues fixed in this release including CVEs and OJSI tickets.

Known Security Issues

List of new security issues that are left unfixed in this release including CVEs and OJSI tickets.

Known Vulnerabilities in Used Modules

Results of know vulnerabilities analysis in used modules.

Upgrade Notes

Deprecation Notes


End of Release Notes