VF-C Delivery

VF-C includes the following components in R1.


VF-C includes several components in ONAP R1.

  • Catalog is used to store the package distributed by SDC, it is a runtime catalog.
  • Workflow include two micro service, one is workflow manage service and the other is workflow-activiti engine service, this two service will onboard workflow to workflow engine and parse workflow.
  • For NS lifecycle manager,it mainly completes the NS lifecycle management,such as NS Instantiation/termination and auto-healing.
  • For Resource manager, it will communicate with NS lifecycle manager to update instance data to A&AI.
  • In VF-C southbound, it includes Gvnfmdriver and SVNFM driver which will interact with GVNFM and Vendor VNFM respectively to execute VNF lifecycle management,VF-C provides vnfm driver northbound api,then Vendor can implement this APIs to integrate with VF-C.
  • For the EMS driver,it can collect VNF lay’s Fcaps data from Vendor EMS, and then translate and put these data to DCAE Vescollector

For the Amsterdam release, VF-C includes the following components:

  • vfc-nfvo-lcm
  • vfc-nfvo-catalog
  • vfc-nfvo-resmgr
  • vfc-nfvo-driver-emsdriver
  • vfc-nfvo-driver-gvnfm-gvnfmadapter
  • vfc-nfvo-driver-gvnfm-jujudriver
  • vfc-nfvo-driver-svnfm-ztedriver
  • vfc-nfvo-driver-svnfm-huaweidriver
  • vfc-nfvo-driver-svnfm-nokiadriver
  • vfc-nfvo-driver-sfc-ztesfcdriver
  • vfc-gvnfm-vnflcm
  • vfc-gvnfm-vnfmgr
  • vfc-gvnfm-vnfres
  • workflow-engine-mgr-service
  • activiti-extension

VF-C support VolTE use case in R1 and R2, following are the vVoLTE releated Workflow in VF-C.

  • VoLTE Use Case Instantiation In VF-C


  • VoLTE Use Case Termination in VF-C


  • VoLTE Use Case Auto-healing in VF-C