This is the Data Movement as a Platform (DMaaP) Bus Controller web application for ONAP.

The DMaaP Bus Controller web application provides a front-end GUI to a subset of the OpenDCAE DMaaP Bus Controller API. The GUI offers a user-friendly way for DMaaP administrators to add, modify and remove Data Router feeds (transfers of large file-based data sets) and Message Router topics (low-latency transfers of small messages). Users can view all feeds and topics; add and remove feed publishers; add and remove feed subscribers; and add and remove topic clients.

The Data Bus Controller web application is essentially a proxy that passes thru all requests to the DMaaP bus controller’s REST API and displays the results. All data is stored in the DMaaP bus controller back-end; the application stores no data on feeds or topics. The application only stores user-entered access profiles.

This application is based on the ONAP Portal SDK. Use Apache Maven to build and package this webapp for deployment. See the deployment guide for more details.