A&AI - Active and Available Inventory

Inventory DB for all network components


Non DCAE Platform Component - Controls the input and processing for Closed Loop services.

Closed Loop

Services designed to monitor and report back to a controlling function that automatically deals with the event reported without human interaction.


Opensource Platform for development of Big Data platforms using Hadoop. Some DCAE service components are written utilizing CDAP.


Open Source application and network orchestration framework, based on TOSCA used in DCAE to deploy platform and service components from Cloudify Blueprints. Refer to Architecture for more information.

Cloudify Blueprints

YAML formatted file used by Cloudify to deploy platform and service components. Contains all the information needed for installation.


Opensource Platform Component that supports Service Discovery, Configuration, and Healthcheck. Refer to Architecture for more information.


Refers to a DCAE service component which is a single micro-service that is written to be run by the DCAE platform and to be composeable to form a DCAE service. That composition occurs in the SDC.

Config Binding Service

DCAE Platform Component - Service Components use Config Binding Service to access Consul and retrieve configuration variables.

Component Specification

JSON formatted file that fully describes a component and its interfaces

Data Format / Data Format Specification

JSON formatted file that fully describes a components input or output

dcae_cli Tool

Tool used for development and testing. It validates the component and data format specifications against their respective schemas and provides the capability to view platform generated configuration for the component.

Deployment Handler

DCAE Platform Component - talks to Cloudify to deploy components.


Refers to when the System Designer uses the SDC Tool to compose services from components in the SDC catalog. The Designer can provide input to assign/override defaults for configuration for any parameter with the property ‘designer_editable’ set to ‘true’.


Refers to when a service is being deployed. This can be done automatically via the SDC Tool, or manually via the DCAE Dashboard or CLAMP UI. When manually deployed, DevOps can provide input to assign/override defaults for configuration for any parameter with the property ‘sourced_at_deployment’ set to ‘true’.


Opensource Platform for development of containerized applications in the cloud. Many DCAE service components and all DCAE collectors are written utilizing Docker.


A data transportation service platform that supports message-based topics and file-based feeds. Runs locally at the Edge and Centrally.


DCAE Platform Component - Postgres DB containing Cloudify Blueprints for platform and service components.

Onboarding catalog

Catalog used exclusively by the dcae_cli tool during development and testing. Contains validated components and data_formats to be used among developers during development and testing.

Policy (not yet implemented)

Refers to the setting of configuration parameters for a component, by Operations via the Policy UI.

Policy Handler (not yet implemented)

DCAE Platform Component that received Policy updates from Policy UI

Policy UI (not yet implemented)

Non DCAE Component - Policy User Interface where Operations assigns values to configuration specified for this.


Refers to the when a service is running on the platform.

SCH - Service Change Handler

DCAE Platform Component - Receives updates from SDC and updates Inventory

SDC - Service Design and Creation - (formerly ASDC)

Tool used by Service Designers to compose services from SDC catalog artifacts. Once services are created, Cloudify Blueprints can be generated to deployment and installation.

SDC Catalog

Catalog of composable Components and Data Formats to be used in the SDC Tool to create services. Currently, there is no access to the SDC Catalog from the dcae_cli tool. Artifacts are manually placed there after testing. Every catalog artifact has a UUID, a globally unique identifier that identifies that artifact.


Refers to services that are supported by SDC, and that are automatically installed as a result of a Service Designer’s composition and submission of a service. Only a handful of services are ‘self-service’ currently. Most require manual effort to generate the Tosca Model files and Cloudify Blueprints.

Service Component

Microservice that provides network monitoring or analytic function on the DCAE platform.


Generally composed of multiple service components, which is deployed to the DCAE platform.

Tosca Model

Model generated from validately component specification, (stored in SDC catalog for Self-Service components), and used as input to generate Cloudify Blueprints

VNF - Virtualized Network Function

A network function that runs on one or more virtualized machines.