sshkeyshare plugin

Cloudify plugin for creating ssh key pairs on the fly # Description The sshkeyshare Cloudify plugin creates an ssh key pair that can be used, by VMs or other containers spun up by a Cloudify blueprint, for establishing connections, among them. The blue print can, for example, provide the private key to one VM and the public one to another, as part of their initial configuration, to allow the one with the private key to automatically connect to the other one, to run commands. # Plugin Requirements * Python versions * 2.7.x

Note: These requirements apply to the VM where Cloudify Manager itself runs.

Note: Cloudify Manager, itself, requires Pythong 2.7.x (and CentOS 7).



Derived From: cloudify.nodes.Root

Properties: This type has no properties

Mapped Operations: * cloudify.interfaces.lifecycle.create Creates a new ssh keypair using ssh-keygen

Attributes: * public A string containing the public key of the newly created keypair. * base64private A single line base-64 encoded representation of the content of the private key file for the newly created keypair.


This plugin does not define or use any relationships