Optimization Framework: Change Management Schedule Optimization

OOF-CMSO is an optimizing service that allows for the scheduling of VNF change management work flows to be executed at a time in the future. It enables a 3rd party client to provide SO work flow requests for multiple VNFs to be executed within a provided change window. The schedule optimizer is designed to determine a “conflict free” time within that change window that is suitable for submitting the changes to SO.

The initial release provides a skeletal implementation that runs in “standalone” mode, that is, the intended interfaces are stubbed out (i,e, “loop-back mode”).

  • SO interface for dispatching the work flow and checking status
  • Optimizer Interface for determining the “conflict free” change window (loop-back mode selects the start of change window provided the client)

CMSO also models interfacing an external ticket/change management system to create, update, close/cancel tickets at relevant points in the CMSO flow.