5G - PNF Plug and Play


The PNF PnP flow is a method, which allows to register within ONAP/AAI a PNF resource instance. This PNF resource instance is correlated with an existing service instance. PNF Plug and Play is used to register a PNF when it comes on-line. This use case is intended to be applicable to a variety of PNFs such as routers and 5G base stations. The steps and descriptions have been drafted to be as general as possible and to be applicable to a relatively wide variety of PNFs. However, the use case was originally developed with a consideration for 5G PNF Distributed Units (DU).

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Known Issues and Resolutions

In SO BPMN in mechanism making re-subscription to /events/unauthenticated.PNF_READY topic there is an issue SO-1253. By default after ONAP and PRH deploy DMaaP topic /events/unauthenticated.PNF_READY is not present. It is created by PRH after first expected PNF registration event arrival to ONAP system. If service for PNF will be created before topic /events/unauthenticated.PNF_READY will be present then service will not be able to read from the topic.


  • Before starting any PNF service verify if unauthenticated.PNF_READY topic exists using command:
curl --header "Content-type: application/json" --request GET http://<kubernetes slave IP>:30227/topics/listAll
  • If it doesn’t exists send following curl in order to create topic:
curl --header "Content-type: application/json" --request POST --data '[{"correlationId": "test"}]' http://<kubernetes slave IP>:30227/events/unauthenticated.PNF_READY
  • Once again verify if topic exists
  • If the PNF service will be started before unauthenticated.PNF_READY topic creation, then there will be a need to restart SO-BPMN docker container